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If it snaps on, presses on,
wipes on or plunges on,
DEL has the equipment to apply it!


Imagine how much experience we’ve accumulated by
manufacturing 1 ,000 plus overcappers, cappers, and
lidders since 1963. Now imagine all that experience
being put to work for your overcapping or lidding
requirement. Simply put, the highest performance, most
reliable overcapping and lidding equipment in the world

comes from DEL. In fact, 90% of our orders come as repeat
business, and that can’t happen without an exceptionally
high level of customer satisfaction. Give us a call.. .find Out
more about why we’re the world’s premier packaging
machinery manufacturer.

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Below is an overview of our product line. Click on photo below for detailed information relating to that specific product line.

DEL’s In-Line Overcappers are designed for Low Density Polyethylene Overcaps (LDPE) that are progressively wiped onto a container. Our automatic cappers are used for coffee containers, yogurt/sour cream cups, and various snack food canisters. DEL manufactured its first In-Line capper in the early 1960’s and we’ve sold thousands since in more than 30 countries across the globe. Our In-Line cappers are designed for round, rectangular and square shaped caps. In addition, we can handle a wide range of sizes from 5 gallon lids to 30mm caps utilizing one of the 8 In-Line capper Models offered by DEL. Speeds range from 20 containers per minute up to 600.

DEL’s rotary cappers are design specifically for Low and High Density Polyethylene caps and lids that require that the cap be applied by plunging the cap downward onto the container. Our automatic capping machines are used for infant formula hygiene caps and lids, caps filled with granola/crackers/toppings, and a variety of other products that feature plug style caps. DEL manufactured its first high speed rotary capper in 1993 and has sold hundreds since. Our Rotary Cappers are design for round, rectangular, oval, and odd shaped caps. Speeds range from 60 containers per minute up to 600.

DEL’s Container, Cup, Tub, and Lid Denesters are design for plastic and metal containers and lids that nest neatly. Our denesting machines are used for tapered microwave cups and tubs, denestable metal containers (Salmon/Tuna cans), and injection molded nestable cups/tubs/Lids. Our first high speed denester was sold in the mid 1980’s and we’ve sold hundreds since. Our denesters are designed for round, rectangular, and square shaped containers and lids. DEL offers screw denesters and Pick and Place systems along with a variety of operator friendly feeders and accumulation systems. Speeds range from 20 per minute up to 600.

DEL’s membrane sealers are based on a proven design that was developed in the 1970’s. Our membrane sealers can be used for plastic and composite containers with foil or plastic based membrane materials in roll stock form. We offer slow speed indexing machines capable of 120 per minute and high speed rotary machines capable of up to 400. Our membrane sealers have features that significantly reduce film waste and provide an extremely accurate placement of the membrane with little to no excess material around the perimeter of the container.

Our rotary or centrifugal feeders are designed for round/square/oval caps and lids, scoops, and various parts. Our feeders are designed for high speed feeding and orienting from 200 to 800 per minute. DEL manufactured its first centrifugal feeder in the 1990’s and we’ve sold hundred since. We use a variety of mechanical qualifiers and electrical sensors to determine the orientation of a cap or part to ensure a high feed rate and efficient orientation of the part. In addition, DEL offers airveyors, table top chain conveyors, and gravity chutes for feeding parts and caps to applicators and upstream equipment.

DEL offers a variety of loaders, feeders, and accumulators for loading product into our automatic cappers and lidders. We offer carousel style loaders, vertical stacked loaders, horizontal stacked loaders, and bulk or hopper style loaders. In addition, we offer spinning rod cap feeders, rotary or centrifugal feeders, elevators feeders, and Pick and Place feeders. DEL has the right feeder or loader for your specific capping or lidding application.

DEL offers alternative payment terms through our Lease to Own Program. We have partnered with a local financing firm to offer competitive rates, low monthly payments, and a standard buy out. Through DEL’s leasing program, you can become part of the DEL family on terms that work for you while attaining tax advantages. Contact us today for an estimate.