Adding Shaker Plugs – Glue Applicator

The Model CLPS-G was first developed in the 1980’s and has a 30 year track record. The CLPS-G is a continuous motion cap/lid application system featuring a glue applicator. For “round” cap/lid applications, the CLPS features a very unique container/cap alignment star wheel that ensures the container is held perfectly round at the point in which the cap/lid engages the container. For the application of glue to the ID of the
canister, a cylindrical shaped heated roller turns slowly while glue is pumped into an adjacent reservoir. As the roller turns a thin layer of glue is applied to the roller. Canisters then travels into a dual timing screw in-feed as an opposing side belt assembly spins the canisters while at the same time the canisters are being titled forward slightly. The containers then pass under the glue roller (tilted and spinning) and make contact with
the glue coated surface of the roller at which point the application of a small bead of glue to the ID of the canister occurs.

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