Del manufactures high speed friction feeders and loaders for companies that require marketing materials to be included in the overall package. Some items might include:

  • Coupon offers to attract repeat business
  • Instructions on how to mix and use product
  • Multi language document
  • Game pieces

Inserters can be easily integrated with your current packaging line.

Inserters can be used as a standalone unit to insert leaflets into an open container.


Del offers an automatic coupon loader capable of storing up to 3000 pre-folded paper inserts. The Loader provides a buffer between the coupon inserter and the operator.

Inserters are most commonly mounted to an overcapper and are used to insert leaflets/coupons between the cap and the sealed container top. This provides the most sanitary option when compared to placers using glue or labelers using adhesives.

Insert rates are up to 400 per minute with 99.9% application efficiency.