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Bulk-Loading Elevator

DEL manufactures several variations/sizes of bulk-loading elevators that feature ergonomically designed hoppers to accommodate the buyer’s storage and capacity requirements.

Each bulk-loading elevator is capable of handling a wide variety of part shapes and sizes.


Stainless steel non-washdown construction
1/2″-7″ diameter overcap and lids
Scoops and measuring cups with and without handles


Hopper storage capacity from 23 cubic feet to over 100 cubic feet
Stainless steel sheet metal hopper and conveyors side plates with stainless angle base frame
Stainless steel shafting
Product agitation assembly with shock absorbers to prevent product bridging
Intralox cleated belting
Product free-pinch points to prevent product damage
Belt to frame gap free design to prevent product from dropping through the hopper

Available Options

Sanitary wash-down construction
Product level sensor
PLC control upgrade
Extended hopper capacity
Live bottom drive belt
Audible horn
Beacon stack light
Polycarbonate safety covers with extruded aluminum frame

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