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Rotary Cap/Container

The rotary carousel loader is designed to store and automatically load nestable stacks of caps and containers to a denesting head integrated into the RCL system. The loader provides a buffer between the denester and the operator, providing time for the operator to manage the inventory, remove waste, or perform some other duty on the line.

An operator will load the stack into a carrier tray. When the product level drops below a predetermined level, a signal is sent to the loader to index one tray. A denesting head, with denesting screws, separate and denest the part onto a take-away conveyor. The parts are conveyed in a single lane downstream.


Throughput up to 200 parts per minute
ideal for any round or non-round part that possesses nesting and denesting features


Non-wash down construction
Stainless steel shafting, sheet metal (#3 finish), and structural tubing
Includes servo drive with overload protection
Fold away denester magazine rods protects trays in the event of a jam while indexing
Stainless steel Imperial hardware
Clear anodized aluminum
Black oxide chain, pulleys and sprockets
Standard gear boxes and bearings
SMC Pneumatics
Clear Polycarbonate guarding
Plastic articulating foot pads

Available Options

Support frame and loading platform
Additional tooling change parts

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