Sabra Dipping Company is one of the fasted growing companies in the US and is leading the Hummus craze. In 2014 Sabra approached DEL with a challenging applica-tion. The application of a lid or cap filled with Pretzels that was twice the size or height of the actual Hummus con-tainer. DEL has supplied a dozen plus overcapping systems for product filled caps to companies such as Dannon, Yoplait, General Mills, Kraft and Nabisco over the last 30 years, but this particular large cap/lid presented its own set of challenges. Utilizing our standard 62 inch diameter rotary cap feeder and our standard rotary capper, we incorporated some specialized tooling that proved to be an efficient way of both feeding and applying the large cap. In addition, we custom designed and manufactured a large sanitary platform to accommodate two cap feeders in an effort to reduce the amount of floor space required for two complete overcapping systems. If you’d like to see the systems first hand, click anywhere in this email to view the DEL-Sabra Overcapping System Video (FAT Footage)