Customer List

This is a list of some of customers:

ABC Lid Company
3 CM Systems
A.C. Humko Corp.
A.C.H. Foods
A.L. Schutzman Company
Abbott Ireland Ltd.
Abbott Laboratories, S. A.
Abbott Nutrition Project
Abbott Zwolle – M&R Lab, BV
ABO Supply
AC Humko Corp.
ACB Leasing
ACH Food Companies
Action Materials, Inc.
Advance Development Soluable Food P
Advanced Food Products LLC
Agrilink Foods
Airlite Plastics Co.
Albro Dico Gravfil
Algood Food Co.
All Fill, Inc.
Alliance Engineering
Alliance Packaging
Amboy Specialty Foods
American Cereal Company
American Packaging Capital Inc
American Sugar Refining, Inc.
Ameriqual Foods, Inc.
Amigo Canning Company
Amigos Canning Co./ Durrset Amigos
Amway Global
Anheuser Busch Companies
Ann’s House of Nuts, Inc.
Apco Packaging, Inc.
APM Europack
Applied Industrial Tech.
Archer Daniels Midland
Arma Food Industries
Associated Brands, LP
Aurora Foods, Inc.
Automated Products Systems Co.
B & B Foods, Inc.
Baker Hughes BSS US PO
Bakers Choice Products, Inc.
Ball Packaging Products, Inc.
Bama Food Products
Barquin, Inc.
Bay Valley Foods
Bear Creek Country Kitchens
Beatrice Foods
Beatrice Foods / Fisher Nut Company
Beatrice Foods, Inc.
Beatrice Grocery Group
Beer Nuts, Inc.
Bell Carter
Berry Plastics Corporation
Berry Plastics Technical Serv.
Berry Plastics Technical Services
Better Made Snack Foods INC.
BFG-Bremner Food Group
Bijol Spice Inc.
Biopak, Inc.
Bis Frucon Industrial
Block Drug Company
Blue Diamond Growers
Bondex International, Inc.
Borden (Colombia)
Borden Company Limited
Borden, Inc.
Bosie Cascade
Boyer Gourmet Products
Brad Barry Company LTD
Bremner Food Group
Brown & Haley
Brown Machine Company
Bueno Foods
Calavo Growers of California
California Packaging Centers
Cameron Div/Cooper Cameron
Campbell Soup Company
Campbell’s Soups Australia
Candea, Inc.
Canyon Offshore, Inc.
Caraustar Industries, Inc.
Carnaud Metalbox Technical Service
Carriage House Foods
Centenary, LTD
Central States Can Co.
Centura Foods Ltd.
Change Parts, Inc.
Charms Company
Chip Clark
Chisholm Machinery Sales Limited
Cia. Chiricana de Leche, S.A.
Cia. Iguacu de Cafe Soluvel
Cicolac Ltda.
Clabber Girl Corporation
Clearpack Singapore Pte Ltd.
Clearpack Thailand Co. Ltd.
Clorox Services Company
Club Coffe
Coffee Holding Company
Colombo Incorporated
Compact Industries, Inc.
Computer Power & Service, Inc.
Comstock Michigan Fruit
Con Alimentos, SA. de C.V.
ConAgra Foods, Inc.
Concetti S.p.a
Container Supply Corp.
Continental Coffee Products Co
Convenience Food Systems
Conwood Company, LLC
Creative Environments Inc.
Creative Environments, Inc.
CSC_Stockpot, Inc.
Curtice Burns Foods
Custom Metal Designs, Inc.
Daelim Corporation
Daewoo Heavy Ind. America Corp
Dairy Farmers of America
Dairy Goat Co-operative (NZ) Ltd.
Dairyman’s Co-op, Plant No. 2
Daisy Brand
Dayton Nut Specialties
De Beukelaer Corporation
Dean Foods of Wisconsin, LLC
DEL Monte, USA
Design Fusion
Dimensional Products, Inc.
Discovery Resource
DLM Foods L.L.C.
Double H Plastics, Inc.
Durkee Famous Foods
E2M, Inc.
Eagle Snacks
Ellis Popcorn Co., Inc.
Entec International Limited
Equipment Exchange Canada
Equipment Exchange, INC.
Erie Plastics
European Coffee Slassics
Express Motor Exchange
Faribault Foods
Farley’s & Sathers Candy Co.
Faultless Starch
Flavor House Products Inc.
Flavorland Foods, Inc.
Flintlock, Ltd.
Foremost Farms/Morning Glory Dairy
Forged Components, Inc.
Fowler Products Company
Fru-Con Construction Corp.
G.E.I. Filling Capping
Gavina F & Sons, Inc.
GEA Colby Pty Ltd
Gehl Gernsey Farms
General Mills Operations, Inc.
General Mills Operations, Inc.
Geo. A. Hormel & Co.
Gilster Mary-Lee Corp.
Glennon Group
GOJO Industries, Inc.
Golden Circle Ltd
Granny Goose Foods
Great River Foods
Greenspan, Inc.
Grupo Jumex, S.A. DE C.V.
Guy’s Foods
GWC Valve Company, Inc.
H. J. Heinz Canada
H.J. Heinz, Inc.
Harry’s Fresh Foods
Hawaiian Miso & Soy Co.
Health Best
Heinz Pet Products Company
Hermann Waldner Gmbh & Co.
Hershey Chocolate & Conf. Corp
Hershey Company
Hoody Corporation
HSBC Bank Canada
Huhtamaki Plastics
Hungry Sultan Med. Gourmet
Hunt Wesson, Inc.
HV Manufacturing Company
I.H.F.P., Inc.
Iams Co.
ICCO Cheese Company, Inc.
Integrated Distribution, Inc.
Inter Resources, Inc.
International Blends
International Multifoods Corp.
Intertek, Inc.
Int’l Repo-Depo, Inc.
ISA-Accounts Payable
Itochu Building Products
J. P. & Associates
J. R. Simplot Company
Jefferson Smurfit Corporation
JLJ Enterprises, Inc.
John B. Sanfilippo & Son, Inc.
Johnvince Foods
Jorgensen Engineering a/s
Joseph Campbell Co., Marshall
Joseph Campbell Co.
Kagome Creative Foods Inc.
Kalsi Engineering, Inc.
Kaman Industrial Tech. Corp.
Kansas City Folgers
Karp’s Inc.
Katharine Beecher Candies
Kellogg Company
Kemp Development Corporation
Keto Foods & Snacks
Kettle Cuisine, Inc.
KLM Packaging
Kraft Canada Inc.
Kraft Foods Global Inc.
Kraft Foods North America,Inc.
Kraft Foods UK
Kraft Kool Aid c/o ISA
Kraft Shared Service Center
Kroger-CALM Pontiac Foods
L. Karp & Sons, Inc.
L/M Animal Farms
Lake Creek Machine
Land O’ Lakes, Inc.
Lawry’s Foods/Lipton Plant
Leap Machinery
Les Vergers Leahy Inc.
Letica Corporation
Lockwood Greene E & C, Inc.
Loctite Corporation
Longulf Trading (U.K.) Ltd.
M & R Laboratories
M. Kamenstein, Inc.
M.D.Packaging Inc.
Magnum Precision Instruments
Malco Products Inc.
Malt-O-Meal Company
Maple Leaf Consumer Foods Inc.
Maryland Club Foods
Massimo Zanetti Beverage USA
Mateer-Burt Co., Inc.
Maximus Coffee Group
Maxwell House Coffee
Maxwell House Division
McBride Electric, Inc.
McCormick & Company, Inc.
McJunkin Red Man Corporation
MD Foods Ingredients amba
MD Foods Kjersing A/S
Mead Johnson
Mead Johnson (Guangzhou) Ltd.
Mead Johnson B.V.
Mead Johnson Nutrition-US
Menu Foods South Dakota Inc.
Merico, Inc.
Miami Coffee Roasters
Michael Foods
Mid-America Farms, Inc.
Midwest Minnesota Community Dev.
Mosur Machine Co. Ltd.
Mother Parker’s Tea & Coffee
Mott’s Inc.
Multi Foods
Nabisco Foods Group
Nalbach Engineering Co., Inc.
Nalley Fine Foods
National Can Corporation
National Tobacco, Ltd.
NBTY, Inc.
Nelbro Packing Company
Nelson Engineering, Inc.
Nestle Beverage Company
Nestle Canada
Nestle Deutschland AG
Nestle Dubai Manufacturing LLC
Nestle Ice Cream Company
Nestle Mexico, S.A de C.V.
Nestle Panama, S.A.
Nestle Purina Pet Care
Nestle Refrigerated Foods Co.
Nestles Chocolate & Confection
Nestrade Nestle World Trade Corp
New West Foods
New Zealand Dairy Packers Ltd.
North American Tea And Coffee Inc.
Novartis Consumer Health
Nu-con Ltd.
Nutcracker Brands, Inc.
Nutrition 2000, Inc.
Nutsco, Inc.
Oden Corporation
Olmarc Packaging Company
Omega Tool, Inc.
Ontario Food Products
Original Trenton Cracker Co.
Osgood Industries, Inc.
Otis Spunkmeyer
Package Development Corporation
Packaging Resources, Inc.
Pak Technologies, Inc.
Park Corporation
PBM Nutritionals, LLC
Peacock Engineering Company
Peak Foods LLC
Peanut Corporation of America
Pepperidge Farm, Inc.
Performance Manufacturing
Permatex, Inc.
Pevely Dairy Company
Pfizer Global Engineering
Pfizer Ireland Pharmaceuticals
Pillsbury Company
Pinnacle Foods Group
Planters LifeSavers Company
Plastic Enterprises Co., Inc.
PLF International Ltd.
PMI Cartoning, Inc.
Polystar Packaging, Inc.
Polytainers Inc.
Pontiac Foods
Power Unlimited, Inc.
Premier International Foods
Premium Beverage Packers
Prima Strategies SDN.BHD.
Princes Ltd.
Pritchitt Foods
Procter & Gamble Mfg. Company
Proctor & Schwartz
Purity Foods, Inc.
Quaker Manufacturing, LLC
Quality Packaging, Inc.
Quick Connectors Inc.
R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company
R.T. French
Ragu Foods, Inc.
Ralcorp Holdings, Inc.
Raque Food Systems, LLC
Reckitt Benckiser
Red Gold, Inc.
Red Wing Company
Reliv, Inc.
Request Foods, Inc.
Rexam Containers
RHM Culinary Brands
Rich Products Corporation
Ricket Benckiser, Inc.
RIRU Inter, Ltd.
Rockline Industries, Inc.
Rockwell Packaging Machines
Rolet Food Products Company
Ross Products Division
Rothschild Berry Farms
Rowland Coffee Roasters, Inc.
RXI Plastics
Ryt-way Industries, Inc.
S.W.S. Machining & Engineering
Saco Foods Inc.
Sadler’s Bar-B-Que Sales, Inc.
Safeway – L.A. Milk Plant
San Felipe & Son
Schaffer Precision
Schmidt Sparra Systems
Sealcoat Technologies LLC
Sen Jin Sdn Bhd
Seneca Foods
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Shade Foods, Inc.
Shell Automation Corporation
Sherwin – Williams Co.
Silgan Containers Mfg. Corp.
Simon-Engineering (Aus) Pty Ld
Simplimatic Engineering
Sleepy Hollow Coffee Roasters
Snow Brand Australia PTY. LTD.
Sonoco Australia Pty. Ltd
Sonoco Canada Corp
Sonoco Consumer Products SAS
Sorbal Foods Co., LTD.
Southern Classic Food Group, LLC
Specialty Packaging Group
St. Bernard Soap Company
c/o Trilli
Star-Kist Foods, Inc.
Steuben Foods, Inc.
Sturm Foods, Inc.
Sundor Brands, Inc.
Sun-Maid Growers of California
Sunsweet Growers, Inc.
Super Store Industries/Sunnyside
Superior Nut Company
T.C. Slaughter Co.
Tampa Bay Snack Foods
Tatura Milk Industries Ltd.
Tech Fab
Tech II, Inc.
Teledyne Water Pik
Thomas J. Lipton Company
Tint Corporation
Top Tobacco, L.P.
Total Testing Services, Ltd.
Trophy Foods, Inc.
Trophy Nuts
Truitt Bros.
Truitt Bros., Inc.
TSI Logistics
U. S. Gypsum Company
U.S. Nonwovens Corp.
U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Mfg. Company
U.S. Tape & Label, Label-Aire Divis
Unilever SC Engineering
Unilever/Best Foods
Valley Fresh, Inc.
Van Den Bergh Foods
Van Houtee Inc.
Van Uitert B.V.
Vee-Pak, Inc.
Viet Nam Dairy Products Co.
Vigo Importing Company, Inc.
Virginia Diner
Waldorf Corporation
Walkers Snack Foods Limited
Wardly Products
Waterford Food Products Inc.
Weidenhammer Belgium BVBA
West Coast Packaging Inc.
Whitney Packaging Corp.
Willert Home Products
Williams Machine Tools
Wilsey Foods
Wilson Food,Inc.
Wilson Sporting Goods
Wornick Company
Wyeth Laboratories
Wyeth Nutritionals (Singapore) Pte,
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Wyeth Philippines, Inc.
Wyeth S. A. de C. V.
Yemen Co. for Ghee & Soap Ind.
Yoplait USA – James Ford Bell Tech
Yoplait/Colombo – Tulare
Z Automation Company, Inc