How Can Coupon & Leaflet Inserters Improve Productivity?

How can coupon & leaflet inserters improve productivity?

CLP, as they are known, is a machine that is designed to help customers who are seeking a more efficient way in promoting their respective product or brand. This is accomplished through the CLP model, which handles pre-folded or flat pieces of paper and precisely places them onto either an open or sealed container. This automation minimizes the labor that’s needed to manually amend these containers, allowing the company to cut costs without sacrificing the integrity of the work. Additionally, these particular models can be installed as an individual unit, or integrated with other products such as lidding and capping machines to further increase productivity.

Why are DEL’s coupon & leaflet inserters better than the competition?

Aside from the automation, DEL machines are built to last decades, and are constructed with particular instrumentation and pneumatics that are specially designed to help increase productivity without error for years to come. These systems are built in-house with proprietary designs, allowing them to maintain up to 40% of their original value after several decades of continuous use. Transparency is an essential element in the DEL experience, as they provide prospective customers with an upfront quote, as well as real-time status updates and other useful information along the construction and installation process. These machines are an investment in the end, so it’s essential to locate systems that are certified and fully supported in-house by the manufacturers before committing to one.

What makes DEL’s coupon & leaflet inserters stand out from the alternatives?

These machines are built to last. The customer also receives peace of mind when investing in a DEL product because of the intangibles that come along with it. Training is offered in regards to the operation of the unit, as well as access to in-house technical support, which gives customers an extra-hand when a question with operation or installation may arise. Most importantly, these machines come with a performance guarantee, one that boasts a strict and precise barometer of success. A standard CLP can process over 300 pages per minute with less than a 1% error rate, making them some of the most accurate systems available, even in the harshest working environments.